Sunday, 13 April 2014

CT Tutorial for Anna

Tutorial by Aevals Art

**This tutorial was written using Photoshop CC. I believe the instructions should work with various other versions, but they are not tested on any other version.  This tutorial is my own creation.  Any similarity to any other tutorial is not done purposely or knowingly (aside from the fact that the process is pretty similar in most tutorials).  If you do not know how to do some of the things I mention here (like mirroring an image, adding a drop shadow, resizing elements, etc.), check out my “Tips and Tricks” tutorial. **

Tube – “Anna” by English Rose Designs.  You can purchase the tube exclusively at her store English Rose Designs.

Kit- “Lady A” by Sweet Tooth Scraps.  See all of her available kits for $1 at Scrap Candy.
DS – Drop Shadow

Settings I use:
DS Settings - Blend Mode set to Multiply, Opacity set to 75%, Angle set to 120 degrees, Distance 5, Spread 0, Size 5

Open up the PSD file for the template.  This will be referred to as the working canvas in my directions when switching between canvases.

Use a watercolor paint brush and set your foreground color to black. Paint on the canvas to create a wispy, sky like black background.

Add another layer and use a different watercolor style paint brush to dab the purple used in the tube over the black to add highlights to the sky.  This creates your background.

Add your poser to the canvas.  Resize her so she fits on the right side of the canvas. Add DS.

Switch to the Poser psd canvas. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw a box around the head of the poser in the psd file.  Copy (Ctrl + C) the selection and return to your working canvas.

On your working canvas click on your purple sky layer you created and paste (Ctrl + V) the copied selection.  Resize to fit the center of the canvas and position as you like. Flip the image horizontally.  Right click on the head image and Select Blending Options.  Change the Blend Mode to Darken.  Use the eraser tool to clean any area of the tube you don’t want to show.

Add Element 46 on the opposite side of the poser.   Size proportionally and add DS.

Add Element 105 and resize to fit width of canvas.  Position toward the bottom so that it overlaps the roses of Element 46 and it looks like the poser is standing on the scattered flowers.  Add DS.

Add Element 12 and resize it to fit your canvas.  Position it so that it looks as though the poser walked straight off the walkway.  Add DS.

Add Element 97 in the upper left corner and add DS.

Select your purple sky highlight layer again and then add Element 108.  This adds stars to the sky.  Right click on the stars layer and select Rasterize layer.  Once the layer is Rasterized you can use the eraser tool to erase the stars that overlap the face in the sky.

Add Element 110 in a layer above the face in the sky and resize to fit the canvas.  Position on the left side and add DS.

Add your license and copyright info to the tag.

Add name and any other text of choice.

Save as PNG and go share with all your friends!

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