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English Rose Designs  TERMS OF USE


TERMS OF USE 1st January 2022

By purchasing my digital products , you are obtaining a "License To Use" these graphic images and designs and agree to ALL my terms listed below.

If you use my posers for anything, you must include my copyright as such:
poser ©English Rose Designs 

My copyright must be placed on ALL finished products!

At this time I do not require a CU License, however if I find my posers being abused for example my copyright not placed on my posers, I will insist that a CU License be purchased.

My freebies are not to be uploaded to another site and given away or shared in share groups. Please provide a link to my site for others to download my freebies from my store.


1. You MAY use my poser tubes and graphic images for Commercial Use to create craft sheets and greeting cards, as long as credit is given to me ©English Rose Designs in ALL your product descriptions and on ALL printable cards or craft making sheets created using my products.

2. You MAY resell your created craft and greeting card sheet products for Personal and or Commercial Use.

3. You MAY mirror, cut out or take parts of my graphic images and poser tubes for card layer sheets, decoupage sheets and craft layered sheets but your final printable product must always be in merged/flattened .JPG or Locked PDF Formats ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

4. You MAY NOT recolour my posers.

5. You MAY NOT redistribute my graphic images and poser tubes free or purchased in Resale packs or attempt to resell them as your own stand alone products, sharing from website's, Forums, Blogs, User groups, Membership Sites or share groups.

6. This is a PAY TO USE PRODUCT.

Stamp creators. 

You are NOT allowed to sell the stamps for CU or CU4CU. They must clearly be marked in your TOU for PU only!

Posers in Kits

You may use them for your kits, but you MUST include my TOU image in every kit containing my posers! Limit of 2 posers in kits!

You MAY NOT add them to kits that are given away for free.(eg.blog trains)

You MAY NOT change the file names of the posers.
You MAY NOT ever resale them as they are! You may add to them such as backgrounds and elements and then resale your creations.
(you can NOT upload them and resale them, repackage them and resale them)

You MAY NOT ever claim credit for creating the posers

You MAY use them on your tags but you must credit the poser you use as "poser ©English Rose Designs"

You MAY use the posers to create tutorials, but you may NOT include the poser for download for the tutorial you must provide a link to where to purchase the poser or get the free poser if your using a freebie poser.
you MUST put "poser ©English Rose Designs "http://theenglishrosedesigns.blogspot.com" in the tutorial containing the posers used.

You MAY NOT ever pass the posers around to email share groups, upload for purposes for passing onto others, burn to CD to give or sell to others.

At NO TIME EVER do I allow any of my posers to be used on any adult site, anything containing illegal activity or any type of porn.

You may NOT use these backgrounds to make new backgrounds for free or for sale.

Any questions please contact me:

Sarah (English Rose Designs)

Email: english.rose.sg@btinternet.com
Store: https://erosedesigns.weebly.com/
Blog:  http://theenglishrosedesigns.blogspot.com

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